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Get to know Tammi


Tammi  is a native Floridian. She is Married to her husband Chris Siegfried.

Their love story is quite unique in the fact they met while trying out for The American Gladiator Orlando Live Show in Kissimmee, Florida in 1995. After working together for 3 years in the Orlando live show, the couple went on to be in the movie "The Waterboy" starring Adam

                                                                        Sandler. Chris performed stunts while

                                                                        Tammi was cheering him on....  One year

                                                                        later, the couple married.  Early the

                                                                        following year, they had a child.

                                                                        A few weeks after the birth of their son,

                                                                        the young family packed up and moved

                                                                        to Georgia where Chris continued to

                                                                        pursue his arena football career. After

                                                                        that season, the couple was then blessed

                                                                       with kid #2, their daughter. After

several years, and many moves to multiple states chasing arena football, the couple was

presented with an opportunity of a lifetime. Tammi's father, John, a successful

businessman with deep roots in the Cigar industry, offered to sell his retail

tobacco stores.  Tammi and Chris jumped right in and bought 8 Low Ball Louie's locations.  Thankfully, John agreed to stay involved and mentor Tammi.  Chris continued his arena coaching career.  After some store moves and adding a location in Lady Lake, the total number of locations  stands at 9 which includes their corporate office/warehouse where they wholesale to several tobacco companies throughout the United States.

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