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Our Family Story


Rena Investments DBA Low Ball Louie’s has a family history rich in the roots of the cigar industry.


My Great Grandfather, Martin Noriega was born in Cuba.  In the early 1900’s, as a young man, he served with the merchant marines with the Cuban Government and dreamed of being free and starting a new life in the United States of America utilizing his knowledge and Cuban heritage of cigar making.


During a port stay in Key West, he jumped ship and soon found himself making cigars out of a barn behind his home in Tampa.


Martin met the love of his life, my great grandmother, Nunciada Scagleone, a Sicily born woman who was a cigar roller in Tampa. They were soon married and over their lifetime had nine children and many grand children.


Out of the barn behind the family home, he made his special cigars. The tobacco leaves were hung and dried, and when they reached the right consistency for rolling cigars, he took a special blend of leaves and created his signature cigar “The La Famosa Fumadora”, his own special creation and the only cigar he made. 


He took great pride in his workmanship and the cigars were warmly welcomed among the residents of Tampa and by people from all over.  During the 30’s, 40’s and 50’s, he sold the cigars for a quarter each.


As time progressed, the art of cigar making faded from the family, until my Father, John Watson, Martin’s grandson, who has always had a love of cigars, became very intrigued when he noticed the familiarities between him and his Grandfather.


When he learned of his grandfather’s passion and his special cigar “The Fumadora”, he decided to follow his heritage and in his grandfather’s footsteps to develop his own special blend of cigars and dedicate them to his grandparents.


After researching and learning all about what his Grandfather knew, and Two and a half years of trial and error, John developed what is today our line of signature cigars, with the “La Famosa Fumadora” being the first of the line of “La Famosa’s”. The name “La Famosa” being his Grandfather’s special name for his cigar “The Fumadora”. 

The “La Famosa Fumadora” consists of a band with the Noriega Family Crest, a wrapper of Connecticut Shade (Natural), a binder of Corojo & Criollo Nicaragua Leaf with a filler of Criollo Seco & Corojo Viso Nicaraguan fine tobacco leaves.  The cigar is a taste of medium to mild.

The darker shade Fumadora is a Sumatra San Andres Maduro with a Corojo Secos & Viso  binder and a filler of  Nicaraguan fine tobacco leaves. The cigar is a medium bodied cigar with a taste created for the every day cigar smoker’s enjoyment. 


As he was working on the development of our signature cigar line, he searched for a picture of his Grandmother, Nunciada, and found an oil painting of her that was badly in need of repair. He had the painting restored through his brother in law, Andy, a professional painter, had him put tobacco fields in the background, add grapes and a purple ribbon to honor her Sicilian heritage, and that ageless picture of timeless beauty is now our logo.


This fabulous heritage has been passed down to me, the daughter of John and Bonnie Watson and Great Granddaughter of Martin and Nunciada Noriega, Tammi Rena Watson Siegfried. 

Along with my father John, and my mother Bonnie, we honor our family tradition by creating and maintaining the highest quality of cigars and tobacco products found today.

Rena Investments DBA Low Ball Louie’s has nine stores within the central Florida.  We supply the finest, highest quality cigars currently available within the United States and we ship to clients worldwide. 


Our line of “La Famosa” cigars is a one of a kind cigar blend that can not be found anywhere else and is not only our featured line of cigars, but is also our family cigar.


Although my Great Grandparents are gone now, they, to this day, can be proud of what the family line is doing to maintain the integrity and honor of their memory for what they achieved and provided.

We welcome you to our family and we are proud to be a family run business from a long line of cigar connoisseur’s that provide a high quality product to others who have a love for fine cigars.


Please enjoy yourself as you visit our website.

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Martin Noriega


Popi' Cigar Bumper


Bonnie & John Watson

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