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Padron 50th

Padron's 50th

Chris Tammi  Allen


AVO Tammi  John

About Us

We are family owned and run business and have been in the cigar industry for 4 generations. John Watson purchased Low Ball Louies in 1998 and ran them until his daughter Tammi Siegfried, Owner, has been in business since 2007 when she purchased the company and has been expanding ever since.  We have opened several new locations throughout Central Florida since our inception.  


We are proud to announce our newest store in Lady Lake Florida. We are honored to be in the Lady Lake & The villages Community. We have have built a large indoor smoking cigar Lounge with Beer & Wine. We are still working on our large outdoor patio.

 We feature our La Famosa Cigar, This is our House blend Cigar that My Great Grandfather was making in the early 1900's. We have stocked and overfilled the humidor with just about anything you can ask for... so come on in and pick out your favorite Cigar.  All cigars are perfectly kept at 72% humidity and are watched over carefully to assure you get the quality cigar you deserve.

Please roam around the site, it's easy to navigate through and also, don't forget to sign up for our mailing list and we'll notify you of Special Events and Deals.


Again, Thanks for visiting and we look forward to serving you...


Bonnie & John 


John's Cool Car


 Tammi Johnathan John


Cynthia & John


We Had The Pleasure to Visit The My Father Factory In Esteli Nicaragua 


Tammi John  Liana

Chris Tammi 

John   Carlos  Tammi  Carlito Fuente

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