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My father John has always been in the cigar world either learning about where they came or smoking them when ever he had a chance. When finding out about his Grandfather's passion and love for cigars he became very intrigued with the familiarities that he and his Grandfather shared and he had he decided to bring back his family tradition. It took him 2 1/2 years to complete.  With that came the art work for the box and band around the cigar.  Boy was that some work. Finally on October 10th, 2005  the rebirth of "La Famosa" happened.
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Rena Investments DBA Low Ball Louie's has a rich in the roots of the Cigar Industry. Martin Noriega my Grandfather was born in Cuba in 1884. When he became a man he served as a Merchant Marine with the Cuban Government. He decided one day in the early 1900’s he was going to start a new life for himself in the United States of America so.....while docked at the Port of Key West Florida he jumped ship to start a new life for himself. There he soon found himself making cigars in a barn behind his house in Tampa.First they would cut the tobacco from the field, then they hung the leaves in the barn from the ceiling rafters to age. Once the tobacco was aged, it was ready to be rolled into his special brand the La Famosa Cigar.  Grandpaw Martin made only one size cigar being a Churchill which he proudly name "Fumadora" meaning big smoke in spanish.  He took pride in making the best cigar that he could. Grandpaw Martin actually had advertising in New Jersey for La Famosa retailing at .05 cents.  The ad is on our home page.

While rolling cigars he met the love of his life, his soon to be wife, Nunziata Scaglione born in Messina Sicily in 1894. He met her while she was making cigars in Tampa. They soon married and had a nice big happy family...nine kids. Wow!!!
After researching his heritage and trying to find a picture of his grandmother the only thing he could come up with was an old painting that was distorted with tobacco fields in the back ground.  He took it to have a professional painter, his brother in-law Andy, to restore.   We then added grapes and the purple ribbon to embrace her Sicilian culture.  And we now have what is known as the La Famosa Cigar line brought to you by Low Ball Louie’s.
Although she passed in 1926, she is around us more than you know.

Therefore, my featured cigar as well as my family cigar is La Famosa.
So to honor my great Grandmother and Grandfather, I  am proud to say we are a family owned and run cigar business hoping to earn your business.
Noriega Family Crest Cigar made  with a Honduras Cigar blend.
Honduran & Nicaraguan
Honduran (Natural) & Nicaraguan (Maduro)
Connecticut Shade Natural & San Andres Morron Maduro